Our Story

Buildtec Solutions was established in the fall of 2008 when its founder, veteran builder and land developer Mark Woolley recognized several emergent needs within the built environment arena.

Consistent training and the effective transfer of “deep knowledge” in the built environment arena are essentially non-existent.

Companies find themselves without the capacity or the experienced senior staff to provide top tier business management and guidance to facilitate long-term stability and growth.

Buildtec Solutions meets these needs by combining Mark’s 30+ years in senior management and leadership positions in the construction industry, together with an extensive network of other highly acclaimed industry professionals across a broad range of disciplines and in bringing those resources to the built environment arena.

By joining the Deep Roots Network, utilizing BuildTec U for continuing education and industry best practice training, participating in Deep Roots Leadership Institute or having BuildTec create an individualized training program for your organization, you set off on the path to developing your most important assets, you and your staff!  Begin today to deepen your knowledge, improve your operations, build a stronger tomorrow and take control of your future!