Deep Roots – Speaking Engagements & Retreat Facilitation

keynotespeechSpeaking Engagements – our goal is to inspire and motivate participants so they take actionable steps to improve themselves, their careers and their companies.  We are able to speak on a variety of timely subjects as well as customize the message to your specific audience.

A Few Sample Topics:

  • 10 Critical keys in creating raving fans of your business
  • Exceptional client service – getting the entire team involved
  • Creating a stellar team culture
  • Keys to continuous learning
  • Using time wisely – principles of effective time management
  • Realizing and tapping the strengths and talent of team members
  • How great leaders effect change
  • Ten things you should be doing now for your business
  • Moving your company away from complacency
  • Proactive ways to remove your team’s stress
  • Effective delegation: how to help others grow and become top performers
  • Real world performance review guidelines that work

Retreat Facilitation and Strategy Sessions – We understand today’s most important issues and the new norms the built environment arena operates under.  From years of experience, we guide you to a successful outcome by crafting a customized agenda, gaining a thorough understanding of the key issues you face and paving the way for realistic strategies and solutions by working closely with the management team prior to the retreat.  The preparation, guidance and leadership we provide ensures you of realizing successful strategies and outcomes.

Our Goal – Your Role

Our mission here at BuildTec is to improve the built environment arena by providing concepts, information, industry best practices and deep knowledge you can implement in your organization to achieve greater success.  While BuildTec and its affiliated contributors strive to provide accurate and timely content, no claims, promises or guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the content, or the performance levels you may or may not achieve, as you the user, are responsible for how you implement the information provided.  Always consult your legal counsel for specifics regarding your locale.

All content is subject to copyright law and may not be reproduced or used in any form other than expressly outlined, without the express written consent of the author and/or BuildTec Solutions.

As with everything BuildTec provides, your satisfaction is paramount to us. Should we miss that mark, please contact our office immediately.

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